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Issues installing python

On 10/8/20 9:36 PM, Vedant Nichal wrote:
> Hello,
> I am an amateur python developer but I?m facing a lot of issues regarding
> python installation on windows 10...whenever I install python on my
> pc...irrespective of its version my scripts folder is always empty..

are you sure you're actually looking in the right place?  Python Windows
versions do all come with pip now.

Can you launch Python itself?

e.g. from a command shell:


(that assumes you installed the Python Launcher, which is a good idea if
you used the Windows installer from python.org).

If that works, then try:

py -m pip --version

if you get something comprehensible back, then you have pip installed
fine.  Invoke it that way, as "py -m pip" instead of using it as a
standalone command.