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Which Version Of Python Is Best To Install Now..

On 10/9/20 1:02 AM, Muhammad Saad wrote:
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>    I Want To Reinstall Python Now Which Version I Install Now
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The latest, 3.9, is as always considered the "best available" version.
But there is no need to upgrade immediately.  If you use lots of
installed modules you should check if they have "caught up" - if there
is actually a 3.9 version available.  Popular things like numpy have not
yet been released for 3.9.  If you do use such packages, you can go to
pypi.org and search for the modules you care about - click on Download
Files and if there are lots of what look like version/operating
system-encoded names like *-cp37-win_amd64.whl, *-cp38-win_amd64.whl,
etc. then make sure there are ones with 39 if you want to install 3.9.
If not, you'll want to stay with 3.8 for a while.