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Issues installing python


I am an amateur python developer but I?m facing a lot of issues regarding
python installation on windows 10...whenever I install python on my
pc...irrespective of its version my scripts folder is always empty..so I
tried installing pip from the zip file available at pypi.org...pip got
installed successfully but when I used it I received an error saying?

OsError [Errno9]: Bad File Descriptor

So, I?m not able to install pip and other modules due to which I?m facing a
lot of issues.

I would really appreciate a lot if you can help me out of this.

I have tried out alternatives for python interpreters like anaconda,
miniconda, win python, etc.. But in vain..

I have tried 100s of solutions but still for no good...

Requesting you to please please please help me out of this...

I will be really happy and grateful to you if you could help me out of

Thanks and Regards,

Vedant Nichal