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A new project to be started

Hello to everyone, i don't have a clear idea about who to write about this
project, which is only an idea, but it has to be written i think.
At first it was just a comparative literature research project, but now
that i am more involved in development, it has started to become more like
a different programming language or framework.
There is someone here who can receive attachments and who has the time to
read the research project and look at the presentation i am making?
Is anyone interested in developing a new language/framework on python? Who
should i ask to?
I only have a degree in Philosophy, i didn't have the money to take a new
one in computer science and so i studied by myself (luckily the university
exam bibliographies are public in Italy).
I have an idea of these two fields but there is another one involved, that
is Theory of language and logic (mathematical and constructivist logic).
However is  there anyone here i can speak to about those arguments?
Thanks a lot.
Agnese Camellini