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Strings: double versus single quotes

Kind Regards,

Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer
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On Sun, May 24, 2020 at 12:03 AM DL Neil via Python-list <
python-list at python.org> wrote:

> I'm highly amused by this interchange - for two reasons: that you'd
> noticed these details, and that I hadn't!

Yes Mr Chris is good for coming on with these kind of points ^^_

> Yes, I'd noted that the REPL responds with single-quotes, even if I used
> double-quotes in the definition (per "single of double", above) - for
> whatever that's worth (it's not as if the delimiters are stored along
> with other variable detail!)
> That the REPL is 'intelligent' about its choice to vary the delimiter to
> suit the content is good (design) sense - the best presentation (UX), ie
> doesn't is a better presentation than doesn\'t!
> Which brings me to my own, humble, and quite often non-PEP-8-respecting
> habits: that I (basically) apply the ?rules of English grammar to Python
> (which I write (mostly) in English). Thus a "quotation", eg someone's
> name, but any piece of data, will be enclosed in double-quotes:
>         name = "Abdur-Rahman"
> whereas, when something will be 'calculated', I use singles, eg
>         f'{ name } is top of the class'

This discussion dives a bit further into the philosophy
of Python.  Must reactivate the FaQ repo project.
Mr Barker is doing it for python-ideas.