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PyCharm, how to setup self contained subprojects

Le 22/05/2020 ? 03:41, zljubisic at gmail.com a ?crit?:
> Hi,
> I should provide python code for (Spring) microservice patform.
> In microservice paradigm, each microservice should do a simple task, so python code beneath it should be very small.
> As a PyCharm (community) user, I don't know how to set up such development environment.
> Each microservice could be a separate PyCharm project, but these projects should share some common classes. For example, let's say that you have a class for communication with outer world.
> Each PyCharm project (microservice) should use instance of this class, and do the different things with its data.
> I would like to avoid coping this common object to each PyCharm project (and prevent refactoring).
> Another, requirement is deployment of PyCharm project to the microservice platform.
> At the moment, my each microservice code is in separate project.
> I am coping each project files on separate folder on deployment server.
> So, each PyCharm project has its own main.py (the name of main.py can be different for each microservice).
> On deployment servers I cannot install anything.
> Another approach would be to have single PyCharm project with many root directories for microservices and multiple main.py files.
> In this case, when I deploy a single microservice, I will have trouble finding out what files I should copy (common classes), or to copy everything from PyCharm project, but specify main.py for specific microservice (root).
> If anyone is in the same situation, please share how you have set up PyCharm for such purpose, and how you are doing development.
> Regards

You shouldn't rely any software project on any IDE feature.

You're taking the problem from the wrong end. You'd better
have a look on the way cvs systems such as git can hangle

As a matter of fact, imo, any software project based
on a given IDE is doomed ot failed.