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Python not running

On 2020-05-20 8:22 a.m., Supriyo Roy wrote:
> I have installed the latest version of python which is 3.8.3. However, when
> I try to run a sample program, a small python icon appears on my taskbar
> for a split second and then disappears. Nothing else happens. Please advise
> me on how to get python up and running.
> Thank you in advance. Regards.

Always state your operating system!

Python is simply an interpreter, not a graphical application, and is
normally run from the command prompt.  Your program is in fact running,
but after it finishes, the window goes away, as it does for all console
programs.  If you run it from a command prompt you will see the complete
output from your program.  Please read the link that DL Neil helpfully
provided to get you up and running on Windows.