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Can't run program

On May 19, 2020 9:02 PM, "Ryan Harrington" <
ryan.harrington at whitesourcesoftware.com> wrote:
> Hi - I'm not the least bit technical. Trying to learn through YouTube.
> gotten exit code 1, 2, 106. Tried setting up the project interpreter and
> can't figure it out. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling everything and
> still having problems. Any feedback appreciated.

We need a lot more information in order to help you. Operating system?
Where did you get the installation file? what does "everything" mean? Show
us the steps you took and whatever error messages you got, or whatever
"still having problems" means.

I'm pretty sure this list does not take attachments, so you either need to
copy and paste what you might have typed and any results from that, or put
images in a place like pastebin and give us the link.

Bob Gailer