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python3 - Import python file as module

I am a beginner to Python. I want to achieve the following:

My directory structure:

??? b
    ??? c
        ??? p
        ??? ??? q
        ???     ??? test.py
        ??? x
            ??? y
                ??? run.py

In my run.py file, I want to import everything from test.py(contains methods).

I have found relative path for test.py as "....p.q".
I tried with exec() to import as :  exec("from ....p.q import *"), 
but this gives me >> "list out of index" error.

Then I tried with importlib.import_module with various combinations such as:
1. importlib.import_module('.test', package="....p.q")
2. importlib.import_module('test', package="....p.q")
3. importlib.import_module('....p.q.test', package=None)

But I end up getting error as >> No module found "".

Can anyone help me with this situation?
Any help will be appreciated!

Thank you.


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