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Fwd: Unable to Install Python (3.5.0) Properly

On 5/17/20 1:27 PM, Tarun Pathak wrote:
> Oh, My apology ! I should have mentioned the system stats in mail.
> Windows 7 , 64 bit
> Intel Core 2 duo
> C drive free space : 23 GB
> Initially,  during installation system is asking for service pack 1
> I did that.
> Later, it's asking for core.msi, dev.msi etc. Because system is not able to
> fetch from the web. The log file contains all these errors.

1. Why are you installing 3.5.0?  Don't do that. If you *must* install
3.5, which is unlikely (but you haven't explained why), at least make
sure to install the latest bugfix version of 3.5, which is 3.5.4 (that's
the last with an installer provided). Better is to install 3.7 or 3.8,
which are in active support.

2. The installer needs to talk to the Internet in some circumstances. If
you have a machine without Internet access, use a different machine and
follow the instructions here:


and then transfer the files to your target machine and install from that.