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Having trouble importing the python turtle on idle

On 5/16/2020 8:58 AM, KINGHAMED io wrote:

>> Hello my name is Hamed
>> I have purchased python for kids.
>> I have installed idle and Python launcher 3.8.3 with my 11 inch MacBook
>> Air (Mac OS Sierra)version 10.12.6
>> I have followed all the instructions all the way through for installation
>> I even downloaded activetcl and had no issues with instructions until
>> chapter 4 page 45

The activetcl instructions in the book are obsolete.  The 3.8 python.org 
macOS installer comes with a recent version of tcl/tk (8.6.8) compiled 
to work with the 3.8 that it installs.  Another tcl/tk binary may not work.

First, when running IDLE, select on the menu IDLE and About IDLE.  What 
is the tk version? It should be 8.6.8.

Second, start Terminal and enter
... $ python3.8 -m turtle
This should start a turtle demo that draws and erases two patterns.

>> which is importing the python turtle on to my screen.
>> However I have troubleshooted every possible way to get this right even

What is wrong?

>> uninstalling and reinstalling Python several times.
>> Can you please advise me on how to import the python turtle.

Any of the following.

import turtle
import turtle as t
from turtle import *

Terry Jan Reedy