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Help Problem with python : python-3.8.3rc1-amd64

On 5/11/2020 11:34 PM, Michael Torrie wrote:
> On 5/11/20 9:25 PM, Michael Torrie wrote:
>> On 5/11/20 8:33 PM, Buddy Peacock wrote:
>>> I am trying to install python on my surface with windows 10, version 1903,
>>> build 18362.778.  The installer seems to think everything worked. But there
>>> is no Python folder anywhere on the system.  I looked in the root directory
>>> as well as "Program Files" and "Program Files (x86)" and not in any users
>>> folders either.  I have uninstalled and re-installed twice.  Once after
>>> shutting down and restarting.  Your help would be appreciated as I am
>>> taking an on-line programming class.
>> Unless you specifically selected "install for all users" it's probably
>> going to be installed to your home directory under the hidden folder
>> "AppData," specially "AppData\Local\Programs\Python."  Be sure to tell

In particular, C:\Users\Yourname\AppDate....

>> the installer to put python in your path--that way no matter where it
>> is, from the command prompt you can just run "python" and it will fire
>> up the interpreter.  Additionally, "Idle" (the integrated development
>> environment) will probably be in your start menu.

There should also be a plain python icon in the Python3.8 group.  In any 

 >>> import sys; sys.executable
will give the path to the current python.exe.

> Hmm, actually I think the AppData install path is if you install from
> the Microsoft Store, which you could try.

That is the default for the python.org installer.

Terry Jan Reedy