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Help Problem with python : python-3.8.3rc1-amd64

On 5/11/20 8:33 PM, Buddy Peacock wrote:
> I am trying to install python on my surface with windows 10, version 1903,
> build 18362.778.  The installer seems to think everything worked. But there
> is no Python folder anywhere on the system.  I looked in the root directory
> as well as "Program Files" and "Program Files (x86)" and not in any users
> folders either.  I have uninstalled and re-installed twice.  Once after
> shutting down and restarting.  Your help would be appreciated as I am
> taking an on-line programming class.

Unless you specifically selected "install for all users" it's probably
going to be installed to your home directory under the hidden folder
"AppData," specially "AppData\Local\Programs\Python."  Be sure to tell
the installer to put python in your path--that way no matter where it
is, from the command prompt you can just run "python" and it will fire
up the interpreter.  Additionally, "Idle" (the integrated development
environment) will probably be in your start menu.