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Saying bye bye to Python 2

> I thought that upgrading is not that simple.

It depends.

If you have Python 2 code that deals with a lot of text in byte form, and it's kind of vague where you convert from bytes to strings, you may have a bad time.

Otherwise, it may not be that bad. I ported around 500k lines of Python 2 to 3 this year, and it went smoothly. The most valuable resource I found was eevee's post on the subject:


It talks about the most common tools and pitfalls. In particular, I found the future project to be very valuable.


On Sat, Jan 11, 2020, at 00:16, tommy yama wrote:
> As many know, python 2 was retired. ?
> This means imminent migration to 3 will be a must ?
> I thought that upgrading is not that simple.
> thanks !
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