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[Python-ideas] Enhancing Zipapp


Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer
pythonmembers.club <http://www.pythonmembers.club/> | github

On Wed, Jan 8, 2020 at 2:20 AM Barry <barry at barrys-emacs.org> wrote:

> You are offing up a competitor against python wheels

This proposal proposes to inlcude python wheels in the archive

> Py2app, py2exe etc packagers.

Native executables are off the plate. This one deals with archive files.
But i
get the idea, thanks! Maybe you wanted to allude to projects like Shiv
<https://github.com/linkedin/shiv/> by

> Explain the benefits and weaknesses compared to the existing alternatives.

There are some projects similar to Shiv, will write a comparison.