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Removing reference to local installed package

On 8/01/20 8:53 AM, Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer wrote:
> Greetings everybody,


> I installed a local package using
> python -m pip install <path-to-package-folder>
> Now if you install the same package from pypi, it says requirements already
> satisfied pointing to the location of the local package folder instead of
> site -package
> pip uninstall does not work as the package is not in site-package in the
> first
> place
> importing the package does not work as the package is not in site-package
> it won't install and won't delete
> Q: How do i remove the reference of  a local package?

Possibly relevant: 

NB this problem avoided by using virtual environments/machines which are 
tailored to the individual application; thereby evincing no differences 
between 'system-wide' and 'lesser' installations.

Is there a tool which will identify?estimate how packages were 
installed? eg pip[2] cf pip3, pip --user, pip system-wide, Linux apt/rpm 
installer, ...

...and thus how to uninstall! Also, because something installed one-way 
may (as described above) 'prevent' its installation in an alternate mode.

(experienced an issue where the version of pytest installed with/by/for 
the VS-Codium(?) add-on package differed from the one which I thought 
I'd just updated using (Linux Fedora's) DNF - the newer version 
requiring more recent dependencies that the IDE claimed 'weren't there'. 
It took quite a bit of circling around to determine the problem, and yet 
more to be sure of fixing it without causing 'collateral damage'!)
Regards =dn