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[Python-ideas] Re: Enhancing Zipapp


Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer
pythonmembers.club <http://www.pythonmembers.club/> | github

On Tue, Jan 7, 2020 at 6:40 AM Christopher Barker <pythonchb at gmail.com>

> I?m a bit unclear on how far this goes: is it just a bit more specific
> with more meta-data standards?

- More metadata
- Integrity check with hashing
- Protecting the meta data
- Bundling 3rd party packages

Or are you aiming for something that will run without a Python install?

Aie aie Mr. Christopher, zipapp requires a Python install

Other issues:
> Are you aiming for a bundle that can run on multiple platforms? If so,
> then it?ll have to have a way to bundle multiple compiled extensions and
> select the right ones at runtime.

According to the discussion on the Python, Be Bold thread, it became
clear that it will be a pain to generate and will have an unnecessary
size but sure this a most stable idea

Suggesting instead to include wheels. The wheels are installed. The
interpreter looks for packages in that app-specific folder

If this Is essentially just zipapp with the ability to bundle dependencies,
> then you could probably just do some sys.path hackery.

Could you please explain more. Thanks?

In any case, thus seems like something you could implement, and then see if
> people find it useful.

That's a nice idea to have a working demo. I'm not a security
expert but i'll try!

Anyone interested in this thread can view this tool
<https://github.com/linkedin/shiv> built by LinkedIn which
attempts dependencies bundling.