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Error in python installation - was Re: Python, Be Bold!

On 1/5/20 7:59 AM, Kishor Soni wrote:
> After proceeding installation, few minutes later such error appears "0x80072f7d - unspecified error"
> A log file is generated and attached herewith

I prefer to keep communication on the list.  Where did you download the
installer from?  Python.org or some other distribution like Anaconda?
Are you installing for all users, or just for your current user?  What
has google found about this error message and python?  Does google tell
you whether anyone else has seen this error message while installing
Python before?

I don't have Windows, so I can only speculate, and do the same google
searches you can do.

Finally, have you tried installing Python through the Microsoft Store on
Windows 10?  It's officially released by python.org core devs and should
always be free.