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Michael Torrie writes:
> On 12/12/19 6:33 PM, Python wrote:
> > What happened exactly? Did you download the official installer from
> > python.org, then click on next, next, next, checking the box (if it's
> > still there about updating PATH)? There is nothing more to do.
> I've seen github bug reports about Windows launching the store when
> trying to run Python, but those appear to be after a successful
> installation, and the solution there is making sure the installed
> version of Python is set in the $PATH.

I installed Python on a Windows 10 box for the first time a few weeks
ago (normally I'm a Linux user and get Python via distro packages).

Typing "python" at a command prompt before installing anything
gave a prompt for the MS store.

If you run an installer from Python.org, the checkbox to add to the
system path is not at all obvious. It's at the very bottom of a long
scrolled list of options, *and it's the only one not checked by
default*. The first time I installed, I looked at the list, scrolled
down a little way and concluded that all options were checked,
so I didn't scroll down to the bottom to notice the one crucial
un-checked one. (Go ahead and think poorly of me for making
assumptions, but I'm sure I'm not the only person to do that.)
And of course, the install didn't work and I had to reinstall.
Fortunately I know what a path is and knew to hunt for that the
second time through; I doubt a typical Windows person knows about paths.

It would make the install a lot easier for less technical Windows
people if the installer had a separate screen for the path option,
perhaps with an explanation of what path means (and that if you don't
understand the explanation, you really, really should check the box).
Or enable it by default -- would anyone besides an expert user
want it disabled? Or at least put it first in the long list of
options, so it always shows.