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Le 13/12/2019 ? 03:53, Michael Torrie a ?crit?:
> On 12/12/19 6:33 PM, Python wrote:
>> catherine morris wrote:
>>> Good evening,
>>> My son is trying to download python 3.8.0 on my PC, which has Windows 10,
>>> and it won't install properly. I'm not tech savvy and have no idea where to
>>> start.
>> What happened exactly? Did you download the official installer from
>> python.org, then click on next, next, next, checking the box (if it's
>> still there about updating PATH)? There is nothing more to do.
> I communicated more with the original poster off list and will try to
> relate what is happening here.  This type of thing I've never
> encountered before and is hard to describe in just plain text,
> especially for a non-technical person.  Essentially trying to launch the
> official, downloaded installer from Python.org causes a message to pop
> up warning about installing third-party applications and opens the
> Microsoft Store and apparently points at the Python installation there.
> Unfortunately installing through the store fails for some reason.
> I've seen github bug reports about Windows launching the store when
> trying to run Python, but those appear to be after a successful
> installation, and the solution there is making sure the installed
> version of Python is set in the $PATH.  It's possible this is the issue
> here.  If so she'll have to get someone locally to take a look at her
> machine. Not sure about talking her through debugging the PATH.
> Another possibility is that she's running a laptop with Windows 10S,
> which limits what can be installed. That would explain why the Windows
> Store installation fails.  But I don't know.

Oh dear...

> Just when I think Windows 10 is a pretty decent system, I encounter
> something inexplicable like this.

We've gone through that before, haven't we?