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On 12/12/19 6:33 PM, Python wrote:
> catherine morris wrote:
>> Good evening,
>> My son is trying to download python 3.8.0 on my PC, which has Windows 10,
>> and it won't install properly. I'm not tech savvy and have no idea where to
>> start.
> What happened exactly? Did you download the official installer from
> python.org, then click on next, next, next, checking the box (if it's
> still there about updating PATH)? There is nothing more to do.

I communicated more with the original poster off list and will try to
relate what is happening here.  This type of thing I've never
encountered before and is hard to describe in just plain text,
especially for a non-technical person.  Essentially trying to launch the
official, downloaded installer from Python.org causes a message to pop
up warning about installing third-party applications and opens the
Microsoft Store and apparently points at the Python installation there.
Unfortunately installing through the store fails for some reason.

I've seen github bug reports about Windows launching the store when
trying to run Python, but those appear to be after a successful
installation, and the solution there is making sure the installed
version of Python is set in the $PATH.  It's possible this is the issue
here.  If so she'll have to get someone locally to take a look at her
machine. Not sure about talking her through debugging the PATH.

Another possibility is that she's running a laptop with Windows 10S,
which limits what can be installed. That would explain why the Windows
Store installation fails.  But I don't know.

Just when I think Windows 10 is a pretty decent system, I encounter
something inexplicable like this.