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On 12/12/19 5:40 PM, catherine morris wrote:
> Good evening,
> My son is trying to download python 3.8.0 on my PC, which has Windows 10,
> and it won't install properly. I'm not tech savvy and have no idea where to
> start.
> Catherine Morris

I just learned today that Python is officially available in the
Microsoft Store app in Windows 10.  If you run the Windows Store and
search for Python, you should find Python 3.8.0 and it will be listed as
free.  Click install (if it asks you to log in, click no thanks).  After
it downloads and installs you should find "Idle" in the start menu,
which is probably where your son will want to start.  Idle is a code
editor and and an environment in which to run the python programs.  See
this url for an introduction to Idle.  https://realpython.com/python-idle/

Hope this helps!