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Python3 - How do I import a class from another file

Am 11.12.2019 11:01 schrieb Greg Ewing:
> On 11/12/19 7:47 am, R.Wieser wrote:
>> what happens when the reference becomes zero: is the __del__
>> method called directly (as I find logical), or is it only called when 
>> the
>> garbage collector actually removes the instance from memory (which 
>> Chris
>> thinks what happens) ?
> In CPython, these are the same thing. As soon as the reference
> count becomes zero, the __del__ method is called


> *and* the object is removed from memory.

Not necessarily. Let's be more precise: The resources used by the object 
are handed back to memory management (marked as free for re-use).

> In a Python implementation that doesn't use reference counts,
> using "del" on the last reference to an object probably isn't
> going to do anything to the object.

It does exactly the same thing: It tells the memory management subsystem 
that the instance's resources may be re-used.