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Python3 - How do I import a class from another file


> Yes, we know exactly how that's solved,


> but you specifically said you weren't interested in learning.

Try taking a few courses of "understanding what you read".  That is /not/ 
what I said.

Though it goes in par with your amadant "you're wrong" chanting, even if 
there is at least one Python implementation in which it is.   And you have 
been referred to here as being /the/ Python man, which makes it unlikely 
that you didn't know. :-(

Besides, if I would /not/ have wanted to learn, would I have put this much 
effort in trying to clarify my stance and create examples for it ?

> In fact, the solution was posted very early in this thread.

My apologies, I must have missed it.  Both that solution not having been 
relevant at that time as well as me-as-a-newbie not recognisning it for what 
it was could have played a role in it.. Can you quote at least a specific 
part of it ?    That way I can perhaps find it back and read it.

> I think it's high time we all stopped feeding the troll.

And I think its high time you take up a few courses of what it means to be 
teacher to newbies.   You seem to have lost the capability to put yourself 
into their shoes.

Rudy Wieser