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Python3 - How do I import a class from another file


> You acknowledge that you are new to Python, yet you claimed
> to know better than Python experts. You claim you want an answer
> and yet you purposefully ignored their response because it didn't match
> what you wanted to hear.

No, I didn't.  I just pointed out that their position simply wasn't logical. 
I have given them plenty of opportunities to prove me wrong.  They refused 
to take them.

I've even /proven/ that what they claimed was incorrect by a bit of 
testcode.   It was just thrown off the table. :-(

And no, me not being right in version X on platform Y doesn't mean that you 
can claim I'm wrong everywhere.  Thats simply disingenious.

> I'm blocking all messages from you.

Thats your choice.

But if you where agreeing with all the "you are wrong!" chanters, without 
realizing that there are Python versions in which I'm actually right, and 
that one of those versions is the very one still visible in my subjectline 
than I'm not so sure you could/would be of any help with other problems I 
might have.

In other words, you might be doing me a favour. :-)

Rudy Wieser