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Python3 - How do I import a class from another file


> There is a difference between not understanding why things are as
> you are told, and assuming because you don't understand, what you
> are told is wrong.

The other side is you guys, expecting from me that, even though I 
appearantly do not understand it, just take whatever has being said as the 

> Instead of trying to understand, you started to dispute.

Correct.   I didn't understand, so I argued my point, and expected the other 
to argue his.   My arguing could have clarified where I when off my rockers, 
his arguing could have shown me where I did.   Whats wrong with that ?

> Yes, you made a mistake. You relied on a specific example where
> things turned out as you expected.

And /anyone/ was allowed to come up with an example to counter it.  Heck, 
noone even tried to explain, beyond a "there are two garbage collectors", 
why my example was wrong.

> That you think you can infer general behaviour from your limited
> experience is a mistake.

Do I have any other option ?    Most noone here actually tried to even 
understand what I asked, let alone try to explain their own stance.   How am 
I to learn otherwise ?    I just have to create my own experiences.

And no, just parotting someone elses word has never appealed to me. 
Sorry.    I need to see it (not) working , or no deal.

Rudy Wieser