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Python3 - How do I import a class from another file


> You said it by implication.
> quote:  "And as I do not think the designers of the language where that
> stupid I must therefore reject your claim to what you think happens."

I suggest you try reading that again, and imagine it being two centences, 
the first ending after "stupid" and the second starting with the  folowing 
"I".     The first is a reasoning to the rejecting in the second.   Nothing 
more, nothing less.

> Since the language does behave as Chris described (calling __del__
> does not always happen when you want or think it does

No, it doesn't (I described a testprogram that contradicted it a number of 
messages back).  And trying to play of /exceptions of the rule/ as the only 
thing that matters is simply disingenious.

But, feel free to post an example or just a link to supporting your/Chris 

> You can imply that I'm stupid all you want because I can't "shoot
> holes in your example" to your satisfaction.

Wait, what ?    You actually already tried that ?    When ?

But, If I can shoot holes in your shooting than who's problem is that ?  :-)

And no, I do not try to imply you are stupid, but perhaps just have to much 
of "I remember it this way, so that must be the only truth" in your mind - 
without actually knowing (anymore?) why that truth is just that.

I challenged you to think for yourself, instead of just going blind on 
someone elses say-so.  Maybe you and others are right, but you have done 
little to /explain/ that to me.

> There's no such thing as "their facts."  There are facts, lies, and
> just opinions.  What Chris said was fact.

In my book anything thats unproven is just an opinion.  Its as simple as 

> Even if it isn't supported by your brief and incomplete testing.

Go ahead, shoot holes into it.    Just bluntly, without any kind of 
underbuilding, claiming stuff like that doesn't work with me.  Which by now 
you should have been aware of ...

> I was quite happy to see your posts up until this point. It
> appeared that you were making great headway and maybe
> even enjoying Python

I was thinking so to.

But this morning I seriously contemplating of at least ditching this 
newsgroup, if not also Python, because of the incapability (or 
unwillingness?) of the different contributors to place themselves in the 
shoes of me, a newbie.

Yeah, it works both ways. :-(((

Rudy Wieser