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Python3 - How do I import a class from another file

On 10/12/19 22:24, R.Wieser wrote:
> Roel,
>> Rudy, unless/until you know the language inside out, you'd better listen 
>> to Chris and other people here who spend a lot of time and effort in 
>> helping people like you.
> I tried.   But what he said made no sense to me, and no matter how hard I 
> tried I could not get Chris (or others for that matter) to understand.   And 
> as you might have seen, I tried. In several different ways.

There is a difference between not understanding why things are as you
are told, and
assuming because you don't understand, what you are told is wrong.
Instead of trying
to understand, you started to dispute.
> The only thing I got was regurgitation, without /any/ attempt to figure out 
> where my mistake would be.  Do you have /any/ idea how frustrating that that 
> is ?   Do you ?

That is because you started to argue instead of trying to ask for
> Also, if I would not care about it, why would I than not simply have stopped 
> responding ?   Much easier than to try to get someone to understand.
> And as it turned out, I /didn't/ make a mistake.    The __del__ method /is/ 
> directly called as a result of the "del instance" command (and the reference 
> count going zero).  No delay, and thus no "race condition" exist.

Yes, you made a mistake. You relied on a specific example where things
turned out as you
expected. But what you expect is not within the language specification.
If next time you
try out an other python implementation, there is no guarantee this will
still work as
you expect. That you think you can infer general behaviour from your
limited experience
is a mistake.

Antoon Pardon.