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Python3 - How do I import a class from another file

On 12/10/19 11:47 AM, R.Wieser wrote:
> Who did I call stupid ?    I mentioned that the language doing it as Chris 
> thinks it happens would be stupid, and I gave a reason for that (race 
> conditions everywhere).  But odd: Neither him nor you nor anyone else who 
> complains about me thinking for myself has even /tried/ to shoot holes in my 
> example (or explain, let alone underbuild their own stance).  Do you have 
> /any/ idea to what that makes me think ?  Yeah, exactly that. :-((

You said it by implication.

quote:  "And as I do not think the designers of the language where that
stupid I must therefore reject your claim to what you think happens."

Since the language does behave as Chris described (calling __del__ does
not always happen when you want or think it does, hence the "with"), you
have implied that Guido and friends are stupid and that you are not.

You can imply that I'm stupid all you want because I can't "shoot holes
in your example" to your satisfaction.  Doesn't change the fact that
what we've told you are facts about Python's operation.  I'm stupid
about many things but not this one.

>> Doesn't reflect well on you, who by your own admission is still learning
>> the language.
> True, I'm a newbie learning /Python/.   But it is far from the first 
> language I've used.  Experience /does/ count for something you know. :-)

In this case your experience is perhaps leading you astray when it comes
to Python.

>> And that's exactly what Chris and others did.  They explained the facts
> No, they didn't.  They just TOLD me /their/ "facts".  Not an explanation 
> anywhere. :-(

There's no such thing as "their facts."  There are facts, lies, and just
opinions.  What Chris said was fact.  Even if it isn't supported by your
brief and incomplete testing.

I was quite happy to see your posts up until this point. It appeared
that you were making great headway and maybe even enjoying Python. But
now I fear you're going to end up in a lot of awesome contributors'