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Python3 - How do I import a class from another file


> Rudy, unless/until you know the language inside out, you'd better listen 
> to Chris and other people here who spend a lot of time and effort in 
> helping people like you.

I tried.   But what he said made no sense to me, and no matter how hard I 
tried I could not get Chris (or others for that matter) to understand.   And 
as you might have seen, I tried. In several different ways.

The only thing I got was regurgitation, without /any/ attempt to figure out 
where my mistake would be.  Do you have /any/ idea how frustrating that that 
is ?   Do you ?

Also, if I would not care about it, why would I than not simply have stopped 
responding ?   Much easier than to try to get someone to understand.

And as it turned out, I /didn't/ make a mistake.    The __del__ method /is/ 
directly called as a result of the "del instance" command (and the reference 
count going zero).  No delay, and thus no "race condition" exist.

Rudy Wieser