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Python3 - How do I import a class from another file

On Wed, Dec 11, 2019 at 5:51 AM R.Wieser <address at not.available> wrote:
> Michael,
> >> So, only the reference count gets lowered.  Yep, thats daft.
> >
> > Why?  Consider:
> You missed the point.
> It was-and-is not about decrementing a reference but still having it above
> zero, but what happens when the reference becomes zero: is the __del__
> method called directly (as I find logical), or is it only called when the
> garbage collector actually removes the instance from memory (which Chris
> thinks what happens) ?
> > No, that is exactly what happens.
> No, it doesn't.  As a simple bit of testcode has shown me (read my reply to
> Chris).

You continue to be grossly mistaken and oblivious to this fact.

> > Be careful who you call stupid.  Seriously.
> Who did I call stupid ?    I mentioned that the language doing it as Chris
> thinks it happens would be stupid, and I gave a reason for that (race
> conditions everywhere).  But odd: Neither him nor you nor anyone else who
> complains about me thinking for myself has even /tried/ to shoot holes in my
> example (or explain, let alone underbuild their own stance).  Do you have
> /any/ idea to what that makes me think ?  Yeah, exactly that. :-((

x = []
x = None

At what point does the reference count for that list drop to zero?
When should its __del__ method be called? Have you actually looked
into what you're heaping scorn onto?

> > Doesn't reflect well on you, who by your own admission is still learning
> > the language.
> True, I'm a newbie learning /Python/.   But it is far from the first
> language I've used.  Experience /does/ count for something you know. :-)
> > And that's exactly what Chris and others did.  They explained the facts
> No, they didn't.  They just TOLD me /their/ "facts".  Not an explanation
> anywhere. :-(

No, we told you facts. Facts are not owned by anyone. They simply are.

I'm pretty much done with talking to you. You aren't listening, and
you're being abrasive and scornful at every turn.