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Python3 - How do I import a class from another file


>> So, only the reference count gets lowered.  Yep, thats daft.
> Why?  Consider:

You missed the point.

It was-and-is not about decrementing a reference but still having it above 
zero, but what happens when the reference becomes zero: is the __del__ 
method called directly (as I find logical), or is it only called when the 
garbage collector actually removes the instance from memory (which Chris 
thinks what happens) ?

> No, that is exactly what happens.

No, it doesn't.  As a simple bit of testcode has shown me (read my reply to 

> Be careful who you call stupid.  Seriously.

Who did I call stupid ?    I mentioned that the language doing it as Chris 
thinks it happens would be stupid, and I gave a reason for that (race 
conditions everywhere).  But odd: Neither him nor you nor anyone else who 
complains about me thinking for myself has even /tried/ to shoot holes in my 
example (or explain, let alone underbuild their own stance).  Do you have 
/any/ idea to what that makes me think ?  Yeah, exactly that. :-((

> Doesn't reflect well on you, who by your own admission is still learning
> the language.

True, I'm a newbie learning /Python/.   But it is far from the first 
language I've used.  Experience /does/ count for something you know. :-)

> And that's exactly what Chris and others did.  They explained the facts

No, they didn't.  They just TOLD me /their/ "facts".  Not an explanation 
anywhere. :-(

Rudy Wieser