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Site Packages Folder Red on Clean Install


I have a new dell XPS, I freshly installed the latest version of
Pythong (3.8.0) and pycharm. Pycharm shows the site packages folder as red,
and I can not import and modules from inside of it. Pip install works to
install some programs like numpy, scipy, but would not install matplotlib

Even though Pip installed numpy successfully to the Sitpackages folder, I
can not import or use it. Any advice?

Note: Upon purchase I did replace the hard drive and ram, and reinstall
windows. It all runs fine, but if you suspect that can be related please
let me know.

Any advice on how to resolve this would be appreciated. I've seen forum
posts where others had the same issue but no ressolutions.

I am trying installing a previous version of Python to see if it works.


Tim Coca