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python 2 to 3 converter

Chris Angelico wrote:
> What if neither works, because there are assumptions that don't work?

  then you get stuck doing it by hand, but you would have
been stuck doing it before for sure by hand so if you can
write something which might get some of the easy cases
done then at least you're saving your efforts for the 
harder stuff.

> I get the very strong impression that you've never tried this.

  of course not!  i don't have that kind of pipeline
or machine power and i'm several years away from being 
where i'd like to be in terms of understanding the
language itself.  i hope to have the time over the 
next few years to learn enough but i don't know how 
that will go.

  i'm glad in looking around more the past few evenings
that the conversion effort is making progress and 
things are not as dire as some have made it out to be.
i just hope the lessons have been learned going