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python 2 to 3 converter

On Tue, Dec 10, 2019 at 12:11 PM songbird <songbird at anthive.com> wrote:
> Rob Gaddi wrote:
> ...
> > And how exactly do you propose to determine whether the constant I've enclosed
> > in quotation marks in Python2 represents "text" or "binary data"?  Not all text
> > is words; think of SQL queries.  And some words are binary data, think SCPI
> > commands being sent to a serial port.
>   why not assume one, see if it works and then if it doesn't you
> know it is the other?  if those are the only two choices then
> that speeds things up.

What if neither works, because there are assumptions that don't work?

I get the very strong impression that you've never tried this.