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python 2 to 3 converter

Greg Ewing? 2019?12?9???? UTC+8??6?18?32????
> On 8/12/19 9:30 pm, songbird wrote:
> >    wouldn't it make more sense to just go back and fix the
> > converter program than to have to manually convert all this
> > python2 code?
> Anything that isn't already fixed by 2to3 is probably
> somewhere between very difficult and impossible to fix
> using an automated process. It sounds like an interesting
> project, but be aware that it's probably an AI-complete
> problem.
> -- 
> Greg

Even string is hard to be handled by the AI:-)

Quoted from https://portingguide.readthedocs.io/en/latest/strings.html
" ... This means that you need to go through the entire codebase, and decide which value is what type. Unfortunately, this process generally cannot be automated."