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Aw: Re: stuck on time

On 2019-12-08 20:34, Michael Torrie wrote:
> On 12/8/19 11:47 AM, RobH wrote:
>> Err, excuse me, I was not attempting to hack into someone else's code.
>> As the code is in the public domain, I wanted it to work as is, like it 
>> did for the author, without changing anything.
> No worries, you're totally fine.  The word "hack" means something
> different.  To hack means to work on, learn, modify, etc.  It's a
> positive word in this context.  I was hacking on python code myself
> yesterday.
The word for breaking into a system or program is/was "crack", like in 
"safe-cracking". In common parlance, however, people have picked up the 
word "hack" instead, which, as Michael says, means something else.

It's a lot like the misuse of the word "theory".