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Aw: Re: stuck on time

On 12/8/19 11:47 AM, RobH wrote:
> Err, excuse me, I was not attempting to hack into someone else's code.
> As the code is in the public domain, I wanted it to work as is, like it 
> did for the author, without changing anything.

No worries, you're totally fine.  The word "hack" means something
different.  To hack means to work on, learn, modify, etc.  It's a
positive word in this context.  I was hacking on python code myself

> So why should I now start to learn how python works.

Well if you learn how Python works, then a lot of what you are trying to
do will become easier and make more sense.  For example, knowing how
Python works will tell you why your print_time() function returns
nothing (hint, the code you posted does not show a "return" statement,
hence the function will not return anything).

> If the code doesn't work for me after a fair trial, I'll move on to 
> something else.

I can sense that you are frustrated, and I can also sense frustration on
the part of those trying to assist you. I hope you will give it a fair
trial as the entire endeavor, and Python in particular, can be really
fun once you grasp it!