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python 2 to 3 converter

Chris Angelico wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 8, 2019 at 7:36 PM songbird <songbird at anthive.com> wrote:
>>   this would be a heck of a lot of fun.
> Then go ahead and do it.

  i know you're just being flip here and that's fine
with me.  that said, i'd love to!  how big is PyPI? 
(huge)  will it fit on an SSD?  (no)  my local machine 
and pipeline isn't big enough to crunch it (too bad).

  i'm going to have fun here so you can ignore this if
you'd like.

  my name for the new archive is called OctoPyPIE.  :)

  uploads to OPPIE are parsed from the start to be python3
compatible only.  if it is not compatible then the code is
quarantined with a message which says "fix it and try 
again, we no longer accept incompatible code."

  the quarantined python2 code will be used for background
processing (to see what is most broken) but it is never
distributed further.  it is just indexed, dependencies 
checked, noting which ones are most frequently used and
that information kept to help focus the broader effort of
conversion.  i think we should call the quarantine area
ISENGUARD and the programs for chewing it up called ENT.  
code that eventually may get a fixer so that it could be 
promoted back to OPPIE without any manual intervention 
would be done by ELROND.  code which is impossible to ever 
be manually converted would be left and perhaps would 
eventually end up in MORDOR after being transported by 

  dev null is of course MTDOOM.

  those who come to the table of OPPIE only eat the 
freshest pie.  HOBBITS like only the best.

  thus is finished the 2nd AGE.