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python 2 to 3 converter

  wouldn't it make more sense to just go back and fix the
converter program than to have to manually convert all this
python2 code?

  how many small test bits of code from PyPI could be
used as templates for patterns to search for that can then
be automatically converted and the test rerun?  thousands,
millions?  i bet it isn't a small amount of code that 
could be done and save everyone a large amount of time.

  having a large code repository would be useful for such
things, but also i think it would be a very good idea for
people who make changes to their code which obsolete
features or deprecations or whatever you want to call them
that they also need to formally describe the transformations
needed and supply a conversion script for the code so
that there would always be a potential path forwards where
some portion of the changes can be done automatically.

  the thing is that having such a large code repository
means you can also index it for code fragments and see 
which are the most frequently used and then focus on getting
those fixes back into the automatic translator program and
then keep iterating through as updates are applied and
automatic tests succeed.

  this would be a heck of a lot of fun.