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stuck on time

On Sat, Dec 07, 2019 at 06:56:17PM +0000, RobH wrote:

> > What happens if your run this line:
> >
> > > 		current_time = time.strftime("%I:%M")<<< stays at this line
> >
> > in an interactive Python interpreter ?
> >
> > (after you define "time" appropriately)
> The python code is in a terminal window or shell, and when I run it only the
> time is displayed on an oled display, with no indication elsewhere of
> anything else. No errors of any description in the shell. It just appears as
> tho the code has stalled.
> Could it be the actual font I am using which is causing the stalling.

That does not sound likely because the line you are asserting
it is stuck on does not output anything so where should
whatever font get involved ?

So, what happens if *you* run the line in an *interactive interpreter* ?

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