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Recursive method in class

Le 02/10/2019 ? 12:22, Richard Damon a ?crit?:
> On 10/2/19 1:12 AM, ast wrote:
>> Le 01/10/2019 ? 20:56, Timur Tabi a ?crit?:
>>> Could you please fix your email software so that it shows a legitimate
>>> email address in the From: line?? Your emails all show this:
>>>  ???? From: ast <none at gmail.com>
>>> All of your emails are being caught in my spam filter because of this
>>> address.? I would email you privately, but I know none at gmail.com isn't
>>> your real email address.
>> Do "legitimate" means and address with a dot ?
>> But your own email address doesn't have a dot.
>> I don't want to show my real email address
>> because I don't want to be flooded with spam.
>> I choose: ast.donotanswer at gmail.com
>> Hope it will convenient for you
> Legitimate means one that you 'own' or are authorized to use. If you
> have not registered with gmail this email address, then your use of it
> qualifies as abuse (as it may well be impersonation of someone else),
> and may be enough grounds for the service you are using for posting to
> permanently ban you from ever posting again. There are some domains
> specifically reserved so that purpose, like invalid.
> If you want to use an invalid email address, then you could use
> something like 'ast at invalid' or 'ast at email.invalid' and then you know
> that you can't be accidentally impersonating someone else.