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Recursive method in class

On 10/2/19 1:12 AM, ast wrote:
> Le 01/10/2019 ? 20:56, Timur Tabi a ?crit?:
>> Could you please fix your email software so that it shows a legitimate
>> email address in the From: line?? Your emails all show this:
>> ???? From: ast <none at gmail.com>
>> All of your emails are being caught in my spam filter because of this
>> address.? I would email you privately, but I know none at gmail.com isn't
>> your real email address.
> Do "legitimate" means and address with a dot ?
> But your own email address doesn't have a dot.
> I don't want to show my real email address
> because I don't want to be flooded with spam.
> I choose: ast.donotanswer at gmail.com
> Hope it will convenient for you
Legitimate means one that you 'own' or are authorized to use. If you
have not registered with gmail this email address, then your use of it
qualifies as abuse (as it may well be impersonation of someone else),
and may be enough grounds for the service you are using for posting to
permanently ban you from ever posting again. There are some domains
specifically reserved so that purpose, like invalid.

If you want to use an invalid email address, then you could use
something like 'ast at invalid' or 'ast at email.invalid' and then you know
that you can't be accidentally impersonating someone else.

Richard Damon