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PIP question

dieter wrote:

>> directory with some possible leftovers. It there a connection
>> between this mysterious '-ip' package and this directory?
> This is possible. A so called "distribution" can install
> packages of a different name (for example, the distribution "Zope"
> installs (among others) a package "ZPublisher"). In addition, the
> actual installation typically has lost metadata information (e.g.
> the version number). Therefore, "pip" may use "*.dist-info" or
> "*.egg-info" directories to provide this metadata. Look into those
> directories to find out which packages are installed for the
> corresponding distribution. You can then check whether those packages
> are truely available (and if not delete the *-info* directory).

Thanks for this info.

After deleting the
directory and running my script again, the "-ip" is gone.

All this *.dist-info stuff is alien stuff to me, but I guess
'pip install --upgrade' uses these?

BTW, there is no command 'pip uninstall --orphans'. Any
other tool that does the same?