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On 2019-09-14 08:10:50 -0500, Spencer Graves wrote:
> ????? As I'm thinking about it, the companies that provide cybersecurity
> insurance could be the best points of leverage for this, because they think
> about these kinds of things all the time. Insurance companies for decades

I wouldn't set my hopes too high. Bruce Schneier recently quoted from
https://tylermoore.utulsa.edu/govins20.pdf (which I haven't read yet):

| Cyber insurance appears to be a weak form of governanceat present.
| Insurers writing cyber insurance focus more on organisational
| procedures than technical controls, rarely include basic security
| procedures in contracts, and offer discounts that only offer a
| marginal incentive to in-vest in security.  However, the cost of
| external response services is covered, which suggests insurers believe
| ex-post responses to be more effective than ex-ante mitiga-tion.
| (Alternatively, they can more easily translate the costs associated
| with ex-post responses into manageable claims.)


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