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What about idea of making a "Pythonic Lisp"...i.e. a Lisp that more closely resembles the syntax of Python?

> Python vs Clojure's syntax difference is superficial compared to their
> other differences, like the Clojure's immutable data structures and
> having to deal with the JVM.

Well there's ClojureScript to run this hypothetical Pythonic Lisp in the browser.

> I also don't think it's really practical
> to Pythonize Lisp syntax using macros as opposed to using Lisp as a
> compiler backend for something with a non-Lisp syntax.

Say if I may ask a tangential question...I've always wondered whether it would be not too hard to compile Python source code to a Lisp like source code?  How hard would it be to say compile Python source to Clojure source?