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cx_freeze bdist_msi: shortcut in startmenu sub-folder?

I've got a couple tk apps I distribute for windows using cx_feeze.
Currently I use Inno Setup to create a setup.exe, but would like to
switch to using cx_freeze's msi feature.

But, I'm stumped trying to figure out how to create an entry in a
folder underneath the Windows startmenu.

The cx_freeze initial_target_dir option allows you to specify a folder
path like this:

        "initial_target_dir": r"[ProgramFilesFolder]\my-company-name\my-app-name"

But, cx_freeze's shortcutDir option doesn't seem to accept a path like
that, so I'm only able to create an entry in the top-level start menu.

Can anybody point me to an example or clue on how to create a shortcut
in a folder underneath the start menu with cx_freeze bdist_msi?

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