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Email messages from grouped email using IMAPClient in Python.


I am trying to fetch email messages from a gmail inbox. So, there will be 1000s of messages sent to Inbox and since they are 1000s, the emails are grouped 100 per each email item.

When I tried this method, the program only fetches some but not all and especially it happens with grouped email messages. How can I get all the messages from that grouped email.

import email, time, sys
    from imapclient import IMAPClient

    with IMAPClient(HOST) as server:
        server.login(USERNAME, PASSWORD)
        server.select_folder('INBOX', readonly=True)

        messages = server.search(['ALL', 'UNSEEN'])
        for uid, message_data in server.fetch(messages, 'RFC822').items():
            email_message = email.message_from_bytes(message_data[b'RFC822'])
            print(email_message.get_payload(None, True))

The program should fetch all the email messages from the grouped email and output to the file (in my case I am grabbing the href links). How best I can achieve this ? Appreciate thoughts and suggestions.