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Metaclasses and classproperties

I'm fairly new when it comes to metaclass programming and therefore the
question whether the following makes sense or not.

The goal is to have two additional class properties which return a
dictionary name:class_attribute and value:class_attribute for an IntEnum class
and after reading about it I came to the conclusion that the following code
might do what I want, and it does do the job BUT does it make sense also?

Meaning, my ultimate goal would be to be able to decide myself
if this is a good or bad idea doing this, so what do I need to 
read/understand in order to achieve such a goal.

from enum import EnumMeta, IntEnum

class EnhancedIntEnum(EnumMeta):
    def names(cls):
        return {k: v for k, v in cls.__members__.items()}

    def values(cls):
        return {v.value: v for k, v in cls.__members__.items()}

class Ordinal(IntEnum, metaclass=EnhancedIntEnum):
    NORTH = 0
    SOUTH = 1
    EAST = 2
    WEST = 3


Thank you