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[OT(?)] Ubuntu 18 vim now defaults to 4-space tabs

In comp.lang.python, Tobiah  <toby at tobiah.org> wrote:
> We upgraded a server to 18.04 and now when I start typing

Your subject missed a critical word: vim. There are a lot of editors in
Ubuntu, and probably they don't all do that.

> This is more of a vim question perhaps, but I'm already
> subscribed here and I figured someone would know what
> to do.

Run vim. Then ':set' to see what's set different than default. Then,
if it is tabstop you want to know about, ':verbose set tabstop?' will
tell you where that setting was last altered.

I'm not seeing tabstops changed on my Ubuntu 18.04, but I may have vim
installed with different packages. I prefer vim configured in a closer to
vi-compatible way than defaults.

expects `ed` and `nano` still work the same